Our Story

Our Story

RH is established

the company establishing its factory for hotel slippers starts in Istanbul, Turkiye

Introduction of Amenities line

since its establishment in the year 2000, RH as a consolidated brand starts supplying amenities products

the affiliate company in Hungary

the very same year, in Hungary of European Union, RH establishes its base for Europe

the expansion in Europe

starting after the year 2006, RH gains force in supplying across Spain, France, Germany, Portugal

partner factory of amenities products

sales and distribuition business of amenities are reforced with production in jointventure

textiles line incorporated

as a consolidated firm for slippers and amenities products, RH adds new department for textile sales and distribution to satisfy

the affiliate company in Spain

in Spain, the one of the most leading tourism destination, RH establishes its base

new markets in Europe

among the target markets of RH, the countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Polond are outstanding as after the year 2015